So, who’s BAD and what does it stand for? 

BAD is an offshoot of British Arrows.

BAD is an initiative from BRITISH ARROWS opening the DOORWAY for young talent to connect with the advertising industry and for the advertising industry to hire this talent 


But who are British Arrows?

We are the UK’s biggest awards ceremony honouring the best commercials shown on TV, online and in cinema. Since 1976, we’ve been awarding outstanding ideas and craftsmanship in film advertising and we host the biggest and most exciting ceremony every year.

Think BAFTA or the Oscars… but for short films that sell stuff!

Why have you set up BAD?

The advertising industry is one of the most exciting industries to work in but it’s very hard for someone without contacts to ‘get in’. It’s actually very similar to the film industry but there are, in fact, more equally creative, secure paid job opportunities across more areas in advertising than in film.


As the UK population becomes more and more diverse, our industry needs and wants to engage with more young talent from all cultural backgrounds. Even though the actors in the commercials that you see on the screen are from all walks of life, unfortunately, behind the scenes we are a still predominately white middle class.

Why have you set up BAD?

This is where BAD comes in.  We want to demystify the industry and, as we have so many contacts, we are opening up our address book in order to connect the industry to young talent, specifically BAME

So BAD it’s good?



Through this website you will find tools to help you learn more about the advertising industry.


If you need more training, we will point you in the right direction. If you want to find a job, we will share direct links to agencies, production companies, special effects companies and audio facilities who are actively looking to hire new talent. If you want to see what it’s like to work in advertising then you can watch films from people already in the industry explaining how they got in and what you need to do to get in too. If you’re hungry for actionable knowledge then we’ll give you hints and tips and also bust the myths that surround the creative world.


Most importantly, we are here to help you find a secure job in an exciting creative world that will pay you a proper wage.