I told my strict African parents I would be changing my degree to film 


They disowned me

The following things then happened in chronological order:


  1. I told my strict African parents I would be changing my degree to film

  2. They disowned me

  3. They swiftly re-claimed their ownership of their most favourite child (in my opinion)

But that wasn’t before my mum handed me a PDF highlighting all the disappointing statistics of women working in film. They screamed at me, “In 2015, the number of female directors in Hollywood decreased!” Yes, it actually went down to 7%! And then let’s not talk about women of colour in film! Thanks for the encouragement, mum…

Fast forward six months and someone shares an opportunity to work as a Young Producer at the National Gallery. I pick up my superwoman cape again… and, well, here I am. I’m working as a Young Producer at The National Gallery, I’m in my first year of film at university, I have my own YouTube Channel, and with that expensive camera I shoot and edit an Instagram story every day. The surge of pride you get after completing a task is what motivates me, and this way, I can get a small dose daily.


A few weeks ago, I won a nationwide competition to find FeelUnique’s next top Vlogger. The next day, a bottle of champagne arrived. Guess who sent it? That’s right… my mum.

I was halfway through the first year of my podiatry degree, and I wasn’t happy. Well, sometimes I was. Each day after lectures I’d rush to my room, close the blinds, set up a spotlight and turn on my camera. Making videos of myself was my hidden little secret.


After hours and hours spent teaching myself video editing, learning to use my very, very expensive camera (okay, technically it was actually the cheapest one around, but I had to eat a lot of baked beans to afford it!), I started secretly wishing I could make this a career. And so I worried. A lot. I worried for weeks, and then I put on my superwoman cape and marched over to the wellbeing team at uni and demanded they arrange counselling sessions for the inevitable breakdown when I shared my secret with my family. My counsellor prepared me for dealing with the pressures of such a massive change. Or so I thought…

Cat's Work


Before Cat started working for BAD she was a Young Producer at the National Gallery. Using her new filmmaking skills, she developed and directed this trailer for the National Gallery, to showcase their Young Producers Programme.


Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, asked the National Gallery’s Young Producers to share their thoughts on the shortlisted proposals for the 2018/2020 Fourth Plinth commissions in Trafalgar Square. Cat created a series of videos for these proposals with the help of the other young producers.


As a way to constantly improve her filmmaking, Cat does event videography. She created this video for the Redeem Christian Church of God, Kings Parish, as a highlight for one of their special Sundays.


Lust is Cat's most recent body of work as director and producer.It is a short film about a man who gives in to temptation outside his marriage but is quickly caught out by his wife. Little does she know that her husbands affair was not with a new found woman, but another man!