Do you want to work for an

award-winning agency based in Kings Cross?
Do you want to earn a starting salary of £21K?


BAD has teamed up with a major award-winning advertising agency, Havas, to open the DOORWAY for young people starting their careers in the creative industry.


Havas is a multinational advertising agency. They’ve got offices in more than 100 countries in the world (can you even name that many countries?!).


So, what's the opportunity?

We’ll start off by telling you that it’s rare and exciting.

We’re on the search for 20 young people with fresh voices and big ideas to come to an exclusive event on Thursday 1st November. 


You’ll go behind the scenes…

You'll immerse yourselves in five different agency departments…

You'll meet the movers and shakers…

You'll see how much fun work can be…

and then you'll be interviewed to secure a place on Havas’s books for future jobs.

Interested…? Great, read on!



Strategy: this team determines the strategy needed to make brands come alive. Strategy is a blueprint or imagined pathway to success. What's unique about this brand? Why would consumers choose this gum and not another? Strategists are business people with lots of ideas and a solid understanding of consumer psychology, markets and trends. They need to truly understand people, so they can "put themselves in the consumer's shoes." They write the creative brief (that’s the plan for the campaign).


Account Management: Account Managers ensure overall client satisfaction and manage expectations. They are the bridge between the client and the agency, always working to make the client happy without promising more than the agency can deliver.

Entry level roles in this department give administrative support to the Account Management department. It’s a great place to start and there’s no degree needed!


Creative: these are the out-of-the-box creative thinkers who come up with wacky, thoughtful or innovative ideas in the form of words and still or moving images. A junior role in this department would involve providing technical, creative and administrative support to the team. Plus, you don't need to go to university for this either. So, if you are a visual person or you enjoy writing, this is the place for you!


Production: once Strategy has created the blue print, Account Management has got the

go ahead from the client and the Creative Department are ready to turn the idea into an

image / film - Production is the team that make it a reality. An entry level role in this department would involve assisting any production needs within the creative department. This is a great place to learn the ropes and understand the relationship between agency and production.


Design: The design team work side-by-side with creative as they help to determine what an idea will look and feel like. Whether it is in the form of a print, digital or moving image, Designers will experiment with colour, texture, layout and typography to bring a campaign to life!

How do I apply?
Download the application form below, fill it in and email to

The deadline to submit your completed questionnaire is FRI 19th OCT.

The event is THU 1st NOV.





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