My mum is my big encouragement. Always has been, from the first step. When I was little she was the one who took me to the cinema, and gave me magical film books that I’d look at for hours.


In fact, the first film set I was on was hers! I was there all day running little errands for her. At that time I didn’t know anything about the filmmaking process, but once I saw the finished short, I was sold!


It made me want to know what you need to make such a simple, soft and powerful story. That day, I knew film was something I could use to give people life-changing experiences. 


I want to be able to give the next generation of young black girls that same feeling of empowerment

Growing up, I didn’t see many black people on TV. There must have been some, but I still remember the first time I saw a girl who looked like me doing something interesting. Something I thought I could never do. Seeing her gave me inspiration and confidence, and made me feel like I could do the same one day. That’s important! I want to be able to give the next generation of young black girls that same feeling of empowerment. Though the arts are getting more diverse, there’s still not many films that show my experience as a woman of colour. I will keep working to make our voices heard. 

I’ve been incredibly lucky to work with Mouth That Roars (MTR). Over the years, they’ve given me so much hands-on experience, and just as importantly, they’ve given me access to equipment. Without their help, there is no way I could have made the films I’ve made without burning a big hole in my pocket.

Money and access is a massive barrier to young people entering the film industry, and MTR are working to change that.


Today I work for them as a co-facilitator, meaning I teach young people how to use cameras and guide them through the process of making their first short films. I also help coordinate MTR’s BFI Film Academy. In my own time I write, watch films and help friends make films. I just really love making films!


If I could have one career wish fulfilled right now, it would be to find a mentor who could give me advice on how to progress as a filmmaker. It would help towards my goal, which is to have written and either directed or produced two feature films before I’m 35.

Ka-Miller's Work


This short film was made as part of a Born To Be Activist project when Ka-miller took a trip to portugal. The goal was to use video as a tool to prevent and teach people about hate speech.



This is a video highlights the best of Ka-Miller's work.

She worked as either a DOP or Producer for the films.