Arts were not really encouraged where I grew up. My siblings are doctors, and I went to a Science oriented school where creative ideas were continuously crushed. Being in such a negative environment really took a toll on my creativity, and for a long time I felt like I didn’t want to create anything.

I don’t think I would’ve ever started making films if it hadn’t been for my uncle. I remember seeing E.T. as an eight-year-old, and just… falling in love. The story, the visuals; the film connected with so many people on so many levels! I wanted to do that. So my uncle bought me a VHS camera, and with it I’ve shot over 200 films!

My parents are still not the most inclusive about my creative career,

When I was 11, I won Best Film at the Apple Film Festival, and after that I went to the BFI Future Film Academy. With some of the graduates I founded Future 16, a production company specialising in short film. At the moment I produce mostly music videos, but I am very interested in making more experimental films. I currently study Film and Television at East London Arts and Music (ELAM).


I am in incredible debt to the programmes at the BFI, ICA and Rich Mix for enriching me with the power of film. Without the Film Academy, I wouldn’t have known I wanted to be a film producer. More so, I am encouraged by the faith of and power of ELAM, who every day empower me to create new and amazing contemporary art. My parents are still not the most inclusive about my creative career, but I believe if I can make something amazing then everything will be good. 

What I need right now is more funding, more training, and someone to help me improve and understand the film market. I want to set myself higher than ever before, and I can only do this by creating new projects that go outside my comfort zone and challenge me to develop my technical skills.


At some point, I hope to move to China or Singapore to explore their growing film markets. I want to introduce those markets to experimental film, and change the film industry there and across the world. It should be a viable business alternative for young people to make films, and I am so inspired to see people across the industry working to make this happen. The future is going to be extremely exciting!

Oniqur's Work


Saying goodbye is always hard especially when it's someone you love with all your life, Here we find a Father's regression towards his Daughter leaving home and spreading her wings. Their journey is documented through expression all dance and the stages of farewells. 


This is a video highlights the best of Oniqur's work.

He founded the production company "Future 16 Films" and he worked as a producer for all of these videos. Read, an online profile by ELAM about Oniqur here.


A short film that presents the claustrophobic environment of office life. Using experimental techniques, ‘Paper Faces’ reveals a true perspective on the loss of identity. We're trapped and we're running out of time.


Striking visuals and beautiful music. What's not to love. Crisp with visions, the director creates sultry visuals to couple the soft spokeninstrumentals. Composition and is where we find beauty and that beauty lies within film.

Oniqur was the producer for all of these great pieces of work.